Master the Art of Astral World

Dive into the Mysteries of the Astral World and Activate Your Third Eye


Master the Art of Astral World

Dive into the Mysteries of the Astral World and Activate Your Third Eye


Course Contents

Exclusive Recorded Videos + Weekly 5-6 Live Sessions

Activation Of Mantra

Activation Of Astral Body

Japa Synchronisation & Utilisation

Activation Of 12 Quantum Energy Points


Activation Of Chakras

Activation Of 3rd Eye Gets Start

Activation Of Kundalini Shakti

Knowledge Of 3rd Eye

Key For Igniting Yourself With Dev Tarang

Tattva Activation

Knowledge of Dimensions

Advanced Activation Of 3rd Eye

Getting Specialisation Degree In Your Spiritual Path

Enchancinig 3rd Eye Powers To See Both Astral & Physical World With Open Eyes

Enchancing Your Professional Life By 3rd Eye Powers

Bring Astral World Ideas Into Physical World


Creating Siddhi From Dev Tattva Using Mantra Shakti

Connecting & Communicating With Your Siddhi

Learning How To Check Anyone's Aura & Chakras

Learning Viddhyas & Sadhanas From Divine Rishis & Munis Of Astral World

Astral Travel To Multiverse & Accessing Multidimensional Powers

Life After Death Concept

Learn Advanced Stages Of Dhyaan & Tapa

Control Over Tattva Using KUNDALINI SHAKTI

Control Over Planets

Controlling Dimensions Of Anyone's Using Mantra Shakti

Prediction Of Future

How Reiki, Angel Therapy etc creates loophole for negativities

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What exactly is Aqua Foundation?

Aqua Foundation is a comprehensive spiritual course designed to help you explore the hidden mysteries of the astral world, activate your third eye, and gain access to powerful self-protection techniques and knowledge.

Who is this course suitable for?

Aqua Foundation is perfect for anyone interested in spirituality, self-discovery, and personal growth. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience in spiritual practices, this course is designed to meet you where you are on your journey.

What can I expect from the live sessions and classes?

You can expect 5-6 live classes a week, including Shaktipath sessions and Negativity Zoom meetings. These sessions are interactive, engaging, and designed to help you apply the course material in real-time.

How does the third eye activation process work?

The course utilizes Mantra Shakti and specialized techniques to guide you through the process of activating your third eye. You'll receive step-by-step instructions and guidance to help you awaken this powerful spiritual faculty.

Is there a community aspect to this course?

Yes, you'll have access to a private WhatsApp group where you can connect with fellow learners, share experiences, ask questions, and receive additional support throughout your journey.

Can I get personalized support if I need help?

Absolutely! As part of the course, you'll have the opportunity for a 1:1 consultation call anytime you feel stuck on your spiritual path. Our team is dedicated to supporting your progress and growth.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in Aqua Foundation?

There are no specific prerequisites. As long as you have an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a sincere interest in spirituality, you'll find immense value in the course.


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